LSG Creative was founded by Lores Giglio and is the driving force behind this amazing team of artists. LSG Creative is a collective of leading creatives and masters of hair, beauty and the total salon experience. These leaders cultivate looks for television, special events and savvy clients – guaranteeing a bespoke approach to style. It’s hairdressing with a holistic approach added – one that fast-tracks style and experience over size and stature.


"Passion, Persistence, Patience equals success!"

As a leader in hairdressing for more than 30 years, Lores’ skill and touch goes well beyond just hair, her authority spans across make up, hair extensions and creative direction for individuals and major events. Having been trained with some of the best in the industry and worked alongside true visionaries, her skill is a creative combination of global hairdressing.

Having traveled the world assisting the likes of Guido Palau at Fashion Week’s in New York, Paris and Milan, Lores has garnered a career that has mastered session, focused on building teams, launching a salon and while relentlessly focusing on her unique salon environment. Leading the charge for major multi-national brands as ambassador and Creative Director – Lores’ experience transcends conformity and is as diverse as the world of hair that continually inspires her to achieve more.

Now the mother of two, Lores has packed her bags and based in Ibiza, Spain frequently back in Sydney looking after her clients upon request. After a whirlwind few years juggling her role as Hair Director for X Factor, Creative Director for Pacha Club Nights, business owner and mentor to other leading stylists – she is primed to provide bespoke service, globally. Throughout her career Lores has juggled considerable pressure and conflicting schedules as diverse as her portfolio of work.


The LSG Creative team are a dynamic collection of artists with an eye for editorial and the buzz of backstage. Together they are inspired by some of the best stage, theatre and fashion leaders in the country. Coming together as Hair Directors for shows such as Channel 7’s X Factor and leading screen sirens, the artist attracts leaders with a versatile skill base for both editorial work and the passion to produce a regular clientele. What’s more, the best tips and leading techniques of the moment are reserved for their clients.